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A cookie is a small piece of information stored by your browser to help identify you. Many Hyper products use cookies to keep you signed in as you move from page to page, among other things. If your browser is set to reject all cookies automatically, you won’t be able to sign in to some Hyper products. Instead, you may see an error message. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you should change it to accept (or “enable”) cookies.


To enable Cookies for Google Chrome:

  • Click the Chrome menu icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Near the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
  • In the “Privacy” section, click Content settings.
  • To enable cookies, select Allow local data to be set (recommended).
  • Click Done to save.

To enable JavaScript for Mozilla Firefox:

  • Click Tools > Options.
  • Click Privacy in the top panel.
  • Select the checkbox labeled “Accept cookies from sites.”
  • Click OK.

To enable JavaScript for Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.
  • Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  • Click the Privacy tab, and then, under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.


To enable JavaScript for Safari 3 or later on Mac OS X:

  • Click on the Safari-menu in Safari
  • Click on the Preferences item in the menu – a new window opens.
  • Click on the Security icon near the top of the window.
  • Under Accept Cookies the Always or Only from sites you navigate to must be selected.
  • Save changes by clicking Okay.


To enable JavaScript for IOS:

  • Go to the Home screen by pressing the Home button or by unlocking your device.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Select Safari from the Settings menu.
  • Select Accept Cookies from the Safari menu.
  • Select From visited from the Accept Cookies menu.
  • Press the Home button to return the home screen.
  • Select the Safari icon to return to Safari.
  • Before the cookie settings change will take effect, Safari must restart. To restart Safari: Press Home twice to bring up open apps, find Safari and press and hold the icon, then select the red symbol near the top left of the icon.
  • Select the Safari icon to return to Safari.


To enable JavaScript for Android:

  • Open the Browser.
  • Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy & security. Or, go to Menu > More > Settings and find Privacy settings.
  • Make sure Accept Cookies is checked or switched On.
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